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Project Description

La Cité – L’Excentricité

Because it is about shaping and actualizing a vision set to increase the opportunities for Franco-Ontarian youth, for the community and for the region as a whole.

La Cité college, established in 1990, is the largest French language college of applied arts and technology in Ontario offering over 140 programs to some 5,000 students. Its campus is lively, green, and circular, creating an environment that is welcoming to all.

La Cité has a vision to create a regional creation and innovation hub that is accessible, inclusive and unifying all while inspiring creativity and possibility, mostly in the creative industries. Activar worked on the first phase of the project: research, the establishment of a vision and a mission for the project, the feasibility study, bringing together key members of the Project Bureau and the architect selection process, the establishment of a funding strategy and the creation of strategic partners such as L’Association étudiante and TFO.