Mathieu Mault
Mathieu MaultCofounder and President

I always welcome a challenge.

I’m passionate about development in all its shapes and forms. Creating, building and seeing the results of my work motivate me. The projects I undertake contribute to the greater good or to the autonomy and value of a community. Entrepreneur at heart, I’ve been working on the creation and management of large-scale projects for the past ten years. And before that? I spent five years working in provincial politics.

Commerce and International Business are my degrees from the Telfer School of Management of the University of Ottawa.

I’ve been to 30 countries around the world, on five continents, and I’m still counting! I love to see and experience what’s going on elsewhere. Innovation inspires me to think about how I can create something new to better my projects, my city, my country.

Urban planning and transportation systems fascinate me. I love getting around by train in Europe. We need to build a better network of high-speed trains connecting our larger cities in Eastern Canada.

Jennifer Larocque
Jennifer LarocqueCofounder and VP Marketing

Creating concepts comes easy to me.

I’m passionate about creativity and communication: emotions – conveyed through words, expressions and images – create connections. This is the basis on which my marketing brain operates.

I’ve acquired over ten years of experience in marketing and communications. I’ve worked on brand management and strategy and I’ve spearheaded the conceptualization and creation of print and web materials and produced events in the private, public and co-operative sectors. The projects I undertake are learning experiences and challenging.

I am a graduate of the Marketing and International Business programs at the Telfer School of Management of the University of Ottawa.

I will always travel to new places. Thirty countries and counting! The unknown pushes me to question and appreciate the world around me, my own ideas and myself.

I love when art has the power to call upon even those that say they don’t get it. For example, I am struck by the history behind the construction of the Guggenheim Bilbao contemporary art museum and how it reinvented the city.