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Activar hotels

Passionate about hotels, Activar is a full-service Canadian hotel development firm.

Over the past five years, Activar has developed an impressive network of privileged partners and collaborators in the Canadian hotel landscape such as investors, financial institutions, appraisers, major hotel chains, consultants, professionals, general contractors and more. Having recently completed two hotel developments and currently leading the development of five more, Activar is fast becoming a leader in the limited service hotel segment.

Activar is on track to reach 10 hotel developments, mostly Microtel Inn Suites by Wyndham, by 2022.

Activar leads all aspects of hotel development

Activar and its partners secure many sites across Ontario and Québec and have performed pre-feasibility studies on over 10 sites. Once a hotel project moves into its full feasibility stage, Activar:

  • Issues its partners an independent feasibility study.
  • Prepares a five-year financial projections plan (which incorporates all brand specifications and site-specific characteristics based on the pre-design site plan study).
  • Works with municipal officials to validate all plans.
Activar conducts a fully detailed and turnkey development budget, which includes all hard costs, soft costs, permits, marketing, FF&Es and a pre-opening budget. Activar:

  • Benchmarks this development budget against other Activar hotel projects and validates the impact of local conditions with its general contractors.
  • Prepares detailed month-by-month five-year financial projections, validated by independent recognized hotel appraisers, to illustrate the expected rate of return for each hotel project.
Activar spends a significant amount of time pre-qualifying hotel sites to ensure selected sites are strategically located, unencumbered and seemingly respond to feasibility requirements. Activar:

  • Leads the site plan pre-design to ensure that all that aspects of the site plan meet regulations and its footprint is efficient, before land closing.
  • Completes due diligence activities from the onset of the purchase and sale agreement to the closing of the transaction, to achieve the best possible terms and conditions from negotiations.
Activar’s track record as a sound project manager over the years is recognized and has allowed it to have a wealth of contacts in the hotel banking world. Activar spearheads the negotiations of financing terms and conditions to ensure each project has the right debt and equity stack to safeguard project feasibility. Activar:

  • Negotiates the best and most suitable financing terms, on behalf of each hotel partnership.
Activar acts as a project manager for its hotel developments: hotel design, site plan design, hiring and managing of consultants, selection and management of the construction manager and sourcing of all hotel furniture, fixtures and equipment. Activar:

  • Secures all regulatory approvals and permits to build and open the hotel by working with its team of selected consultants and regulatory officials.
  • Manages all project accounting and bank draws, cash flow and ensures all suppliers are paid within a 30-day window during project construction.
  • Prepares monthly progress reports and balance sheets for investors during construction.
Activar works with its legal partners to provide the legal framework for all hotel developments such as limited partnership agreements and shareholder agreements for all equity partners. Once the hotel is open, Activar:

  • Prepares monthly balance sheets along with detailed quarterly reports for investors.
  • Manages all affairs of the partnership, including, but not limited to, annual returns and tax filing, chairing investor meetings, annual reports, investor queries and asset planning.
  • Manages all aspects of franchise relations such as agreement negations and management, required fillings, brand management and legal obligations.